Original poster LNWR Most Comfortable Route. Euston - Liverpool

LNWR Most Comfortable Route. Euston - Liverpool

Norman Wilkinson ?

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  • Condition: A- (restored, infill, linen backed)
  • Date: 1906-1908
  • Designer: Norman Wilkinson ?
  • Printer: McCorquodale & Co. Ltd
  • Publisher: London and North Western Railway
  • Size: DR (635 x 1020 mm)

An historically important and previously unrecorded London & North Western Railway poster dating to the earliest period of British pictorial travel posters. The unsigned design, featuring a London to Liverpool Express passenger train, is possibly by Norman Wilkinson who pioneered this type of single image-based poster for the LNWR from 1905. Further dating information is provided by the reference to Frederick Harrison as general manager, a position he held from 1893-1908. Astonishing and unlike the majority of multi-image travel posters published in Britain at the time.