Original Empire Marketing Board poster map, New Zealand. Leslie MacDonald Gill poster. Fishing, farming, mining, 1930s. Steam ships. Antique map.

New Zealand

Leslie Macdonald Gill

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  • Condition: A
  • Date: 1931
  • Designer: Leslie Macdonald Gill (1884-1947)
  • Printer: Dobson Molle Ltd
  • Publisher: Empire Marketing Board
  • Size: 40 x 60 inches (115 x 152 cm)

A truly outstanding, and large scale, Empire Marketing Board poster map designed by Leslie MacDonald ('Max') Gill. This design, for New Zealand, was published in 1930, as part of a series celebrating the produce of the British Isles and its ‘Dominions’ (namely South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Australia). They were intended for public display, often on specially erected hoardings. Today, these extremely scarce and beautiful posters rarely appear on the market. This example came from the estate of MacDonald Gill and would have been retained as a reference copy. More information about the history of these poster maps can be found here. A higher resolution file is available for viewing on request.