Original Norwegian State Railways poster. Norway for Holidays. Freda Lingstrom. 1920s.

Norway for Holidays

Freda Lingstrom

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  • Condition: A- (linen backed)
  • Date: c.1926
  • Designer: Freda Lingstrom (1893-1989)
  • Printer: Hammond & Griffiths
  • Publisher: Norwegian State Railways
  • Size: DR (635 x 1010 mm)

One of the most successful female poster designers of the 1920s, Lingstrom’s clients included the Norwegian State Railway, the LNER and London Underground. In the 1940s, she joined the BBC and became a pioneer of children’s broadcasting. As Director of BBC Children’s Television, Lingstrom co-created Andy Pandy, the Flower Pot Men and other household favourites.