Original Ceylon poster, The Ceylon Tea Centre

[Sri Lanka] Ceylon. Her tea and other industries

Leslie Macdonald Gill

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  • Condition: A
  • Date: 1960s
  • Designer: Leslie Macdonald Gill (1884-1947)
  • Printer: none stated
  • Publisher: Ceylon Tea Centre
  • Size: 480 x 750 mm

A larger version of this uncommon pictorial poster map was originally published by the Ceylon Tea Propaganda Board in 1933. This revised version was printed on behalf of the successor organisation, The Ceylon Tea Centre, which opened outlets in London, Manchester and Glasgow during the 1950s and 60s. Originally designed by MacDonald Gill, this copy is the only one we’ve seen that has a label for ‘Sri Lanka’ carefully positioned over the original ‘Ceylon’ heading, which would have been done following the country’s change of name in 1972. For more information visit: www.macdonaldgill.com