Upcoming exhibition of rare British music posters and photographs

Twentieth Century Posters, 40 Cross Street, Islington, 17th – 25th May 2024

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of British music history – and maybe take a piece of it home for yourself -  at Twentieth Century Posters’ exhibition "British Beats: Rare Original Music Posters & Photographs" We’ll be offering a fascinating view of the evolution of the British music scene and its visual representation, through our collection of original posters and gig photographs. All items will come for sale on 17th May 2024, with prices ranging from £50 – £3,000. Subscribers to our newsletter will receive an exclusive invite to the preview event evening event. 

   •	“Black Market Clash – The Clash” Album Poster, 1980   •	“My Aim is True - Elvis Costello” Album Poster, 1977 •	“The Beatles - The Authorised Biography by Hunter Davies ” 1968  
  • “Black Market Clash – The Clash” Album Poster, 1980,
  • “My Aim is True - Elvis Costello” Album Poster, 1977
  • “The Beatles - The Authorised Biography by Hunter Davies ” 1968

From the instantly recognisable imagery of The Beatles and Oasis to the groundbreaking designs of the Clash and the Sex Pistols, we’re showcasing a treasure-trove of original posters. Meticulously curated from private collections and archives, the posters provide a glimpse into the cultural and musical revolutions that have shaped generations. We’re also proud to present a set of limited edition works by British gig photographer Ian Lillicrapp, whose photographs capture the raw energy of live performances by the likes of the Beastie Boys, Tina Turner and The Manic Street Preachers.

•	“The Beastie Boys – live in concert” limited edition photograph, Ian Lillicrap    
  • “The Beastie Boys – live at Brixton Academy 1987” photograph (limited edition of 5), Ian Lillicrapp

“Each item in this exhibition is a piece of history—a tangible artifact that reflects the spirit and energy of its time," says David Bownes, leading poster expert and Director of Twentieth Century Posters. "These are not reproductions, but authentic relics that have survived the test of time, each with its own story to tell. It's a privilege to share them with the public and celebrate their enduring legacy."

•	“White Chalk - PG Harvey” Album Poster, 2007
  • “White Chalk - PG Harvey” Album Poster, 2007

"By offering them for sale, we hope to give fans and collectors the opportunity to own a piece of British music history and cherish it for years to come.  " Prices range depending on rarity and desirability, but all  come with a guarantee of authenticity from the gallery. Subscribers to the gallery’s newsletter will receive an invitation to the preview evening event with the Curator David Bownes and Photographer Ian Lillicrapp“The Selecter Pressure Tour” Tour Poster, 1980

Featured in the exhibition are many posters that would not have been available to buy at the time. Some were only sent to record shops for in-store promotion, some were pasted up on billboards, or featured at venues only. We’re excited to share this rare collection in our gallery for everyone to enjoy!

"British Beats: Rare Original Music Posters & Iconic Gig Photographs" will be on display at Twentieth Century Posters from 17-25 May 2024.

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