An extraordinary amount has been written about the story of commercial art in Britain from the 1890s to the present day. Leading designers, such as Edward McKnight Kauffer, Tom Purvis, Austin Cooper, Tom Eckersley and Abram Games, published first-hand accounts of the design process while a wealth of contemporary periodicals, biographies and subject histories has greatly enriched our understanding of poster art in the twentieth century.

This bibliography is an attempt to list the principal books, journals and articles relating to British poster history. It has been arranged thematically by ‘Periodicals and Annuals’, ‘General Histories’, ‘Artists and Printers’, ‘Products/Shopping’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Travel’ and ‘War’ – a structure which broadly follows the methodology used in listing posters and artwork on this website.

Any bibliography covering so broad a subject is bound to be incomplete, and we welcome comment from users on how it might be improved together with details of ‘missing’ publications for inclusion.


Periodicals and Annuals

The Poster Collector’s Circular, 1899
The monthly Poster Collector’s Circular ran for five months (January – May 1899). Aimed primarily at collectors, the Circular contains much useful information about the contemporary value of posters as well as reviews of new designs.

The Poster, 1898-1900
The Poster was a monthly magazine published in London from June 1898 to December 1900. It was the first periodical devoted to the poster to be published in Britain. Lavishly illustrated, The Poster included interviews with artists and designers, as well as regular reviews of published (and unpublished) designs.

The Poster & Art Collector, 1901
The successor to The Poster, The Poster & Art Collector was also published in London but lasted for only four editions (January – April 1901). It had a broader remit than its predecessor, but similarly includes many important articles about poster design at the turn of the twentieth century.

Commercial Art, 1926-1931
First published in December 1926, the monthly Commercial Art and its successors (see below) are probably the single most important source for information about British poster design in the interwar period. Lavishly illustrated and full of interviews with practioners and commissioners, as well as reviews of new designs, exhibitions and publications

Commercial Art & Industry. 1932-1936
The monthly successor to Commercial Art (see above)

Art & Industry, 1937-1940, 1946-1958
The monthly successor to Commercial Art & Industry (see above)

The Poster 1930s
Published quarterly by the British Poster Advertising Assoication, The Poster was essentially a trade magazine for advertisers. Contains much useful information about the ‘practical’ side of commercial advertising, together with interviews and reviews. We have only seen editions for 1938 and 1939, and would welcome more information about this elusive periodical.

Other UK periodicals
Many non-specialist UK periodicals routinely carried interviews with poster designers and/or reviews of new designs. These included The Art Journal, The Magazine of Art, The New Review, The Studio, The Idler Magazine, The Artist, Drawing & Design, The Burlington Magazine and Railway & Travel Monthly. Trade journals, such as the Advertiser’s Weekly, and in-house staff magazines (e.g. Pennyfare published by London Transport) also regularly published articles about poster design. Twentieth century British newspapers are another useful source for poster history as a surprising number reviewed contemporary designs and exhbitions, especially during wartime.

Overseas periodicals
British posters and designers were frequently reviewed in contemporary commercial art periodicals published outside the UK. The most significant of these were: L’Estampe et l’Affiche (Paris, 1897-1899), Das Plakat (Berlin, 1910-1921) and Gebrauchsgraphik (Berlin, 1924-1971).

UK annuals
The first dedicated annual review of poster design in the UK was published as a Special Supplement to The Studio magazine in 1924: Posters and Their Designers. Subsequently retitled Art & Publicity (1925) and later Posters and Publicity (1926-1930). From 1926 it was closely associated with the monthly Commercial Art and its successor publications. From 1930 until the mid-1980s, the annual was known as Modern Publicity and latterly as The World Advertising Review.

The Penrose Annual was the most significant UK-based review of graphic arts, printed nearly annually from 1895 to 1982. Penrose began in 1895 as the Process Work Yearbook – Penrose's Annual. It was printed by Lund Humphries from 1897 until 1974 when it was bought by Northwood Publications Limited. An extraordinary annual covering the development of mass media, advertising, photography, design and typography.

Overseas annuals
British posters and designers were frequently reviewed in contemporary design annuals published outside the UK. The most significant of these were: Graphis (originally published in Zurich, 1944, and subsequently in New York under various titles) and the International Poster Annual (Germany, 1949-1973).

General histories

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Artists and printers

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Thematic Histories

1. Products/Shopping

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2. Entertainment/exhibitions

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 3. Propaganda/Political

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 4. Travel

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