Printed proof leaflet or notice: Vacances Grande Bretagne

Printed proof leaflet or notice: Vacances Grande Bretagne

Margaret Bradley

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  • Condition: A-
  • Date: c.1938
  • Designer: Margaret Bradley
  • Printer: The Clifton Marketing Company limited
  • Publisher: Associated British Railways
  • Size: 270 x 310 mm

A printed two sided leaflet or notice proof with artwork by the commercial artist Margaret Bradley, commissioned by the Associated British Railways (a joint railway marketing campaign), c.1938. The printed proof, which regards 'circular tours' of the UK, is mounted on card, and is hand annotated with the studio address of Margaret Bradley. From the artist's personal portfolio.

Margaret Bradley studied in Paris at the Ecole de la Ville and Academie Jullian, and was a pupil of Rene Vincent. She worked as a commercial and fine artist in London, Paris and Sicily from c.1936 to c.1965. Her many clients included: Southern Railway, British European Airways, British Railways, the Automobile Association, Cassels and the Ford Motor Company. More information about Margaret Bradley's career can be read here.