TVO For Maximum Draw-bar Pull!

TVO For Maximum Draw-bar Pull!

Edward McKnight Kauffer

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  • Condition: A-/B+
  • Date: 1938
  • Designer: Edward McKnight Kauffer (1899-1954)
  • Publisher: Shell Oil
  • Size: 1150 x 760 mm

Original, antique, poster: TVO. Tractor Vaporizing Oil for Maximum Draw-bar Pull!, designed by Edward McKnight Kauffer, 1938. Tractor Vaporizing Oil was developed by British Petroleum (BP), which combined with Shell-Mex after 1932. The design features a tractor draw-bar, used to attach trailers to the tractor unit, against a modernist-inspired agricultural landscape.

Probably the greatest poster designer working in interwar Britain, Kauffer produced several outstanding designs for Shell Oil and BP in the 1930s. The posters were displayed on the side of Shell lorries as part of a highly regarded publicity campaign. This copy belonged to the leading post war graphic designer Abram Games (more information here). A higher resolution image is available for viewing on request.