An original marketing poster: L'Echoppe la Derniere (Elliott) designed by Paul Christodoulou in 1963. The image depicts two young women surrounded by flowers and a large block print of a slip-on shoe.

Elliott - Narrow Fitting

Paul Christodoulou

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  • Condition: B (folds, edge nicks)
  • Date: c.1966
  • Designer: Paul Christodoulou (b.1937)
  • Publisher: Elliott
  • Size: 765 x 1020 mm

T. Elliott and Sons was a traditional firm of shoemakers that became enormously successful in the second half of the 1960s by adapting to the new, youth-centered, market for women’s shoes and boots. The company’s posters, like this one by Paul Christodoulou, often combined contemporary fashion with a trippy C19th aesthetic. Others in the series include images drawn directly from the work of Aubrey Beardsley and Alice in Wonderland. This poster promotes the opening of Elliott’s Bond Street ‘boutique’ in the mid-Sixties, which attracted trend-setting clients such as the singer Lulu.